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Welcome to Putlockers Website.

Putlockers has been an amazing site to satiate the movie maniac within you. It legit is the best place where you can effectively kill your time.
Putlocker is the one that provides you the movies, TV shows, and other fun video content for free of cost.

What is Putlocker?

Pulocker is a website that lets you stream videos such as popular TV shows, Movies, and other such video content for free of cost. Putlockers have all the latest as well as the most popular and old movies in their collection.  The website was originated to provide a free way of entertainment to the population of the UK initially but gradually it gained popularity all over the world. It has been around a decade that Putlockers movies set its feet in the digital world of entertainment and it has been flourishing since then. The audience that reached Putlocker to download movies for free is adding up day by day.  

How does the Putlocker site work?

‘Putlockers’ is completely free to use. You just need to hop on to the website and then on the homepage there is a wide display of different movies. If you do not have a particular movie or TV show in mind, you can select any from them. If you already have a movie or a TV show in your mind then you can use the search menu of Putlocker site. It will display the video that you are looking for within seconds. Furthermore, there are quick filter buttons that lead you straight to the applied filters. The filters on Putlocker movies are- Top Rated, Genres, Top IMDB, Latest, Featured, Country, Request, Movies, TV Series, and Year.    The ‘Request’ filter on Putlockers movies allows you to request a specific movie or TV show that you wish to binge watch. Generally, if you go for movie streaming sites, you need to pay a heavy subscription fee and create an account for the same but thankfully Putlockers website has no such protocol. It aims at providing sheer entertainment to the movie buffs worldwide. Hence you need not to pay anything and go under the hefty process of subscription or sign up. 

Has Putlockers movies been shut down?

That is a tricky question but we have answers to all your queries related to Putlockers website. Streaming free video content including the latest releases is not easy. One has to be on the toes for that but the owners of this free movie streaming site were more than willing to provide you with the best of the content. But then some hosting websites and legal matters took a shady angle and forced to turn it down as it was violating the legitimacy of the movies.  Hence, Putlocker website had to conceal its original name. Everyday, Putlockers came up with a different domain name. The quality and content on these domains were exceptional but everyday users found it difficult to keep up with a new Putlocker site name.  This is why the majority of the audience decided to look for the alternative websites of Putlocker movies. Meanwhile, some others considered it an opportunity either to incite cyber crime or to make extra money with a similar name as Putlocker. Of course, not all of these sites are safe but some are as good as the original Putlockers website. These mirror sites are listed below.
https://www1.putlocker1.to/ putlockerfree.fyi putlocker.tl
https://wwv.putlocker9.com/ putlockerfree.info putlocker.to
https://ww1.putlockers.movie/ putlockerfree.is putlocker.tw
https://0putlockers.com/ putlockerfree.la putlocker.uno
https://putlockers.pw/ putlockerfree.net putlocker.us.com
https://putlocker3.me/ putlockerfree.su putlocker.vip
https://ww1.put-locker.com/ putlockerfree.tv putlocker.world
https://www1.putlocker1.to/ putlockerhd.co putlocker0.com
http://www.putlockertv.ist/ putlockerhd.com putlocker1.fit
https://putlockers.pw/ putlockerhd.download putlocker1.org
https://putlocker.global/ putlockerhd.io putlocker1.today
https://putlockers.bar/movies/ putlockerhdmovie.stream putlocker1.video
https://putlocker3.me/ putlockeris.live putlocker123.me
https://putlocker9.ru/ putlockeris.org putlocker123.stream
https://putlockers.care/ putlockeris9.com putlocker123movies.com
https://putlockers.bz/ putlockerist.net putlocker123s.com
http://123putlocker.io/ putlockeriz.com putlocker2.club
https://putlockers.email/ putlockerlive.net putlocker2.lol
https://putlockers.care/ putlockermix.info putlocker2.stream
https://putlockers.bz/ putlockermix.org putlocker3.net
https://putlocker.10s.live/ putlockermix.xyz putlocker32.com
http://123putlocker.io/ putlockernet.net putlocker4.live
https://real-putlocker.com/ putlockerninja.com putlocker4u.co
https://putlockers.su/ putlockerold.com putlocker4u.net
https://putlockers.cat/ putlockerr.me putlockers.la
https://putlocker9.ru/ putlockers-9.co putlockers.me
https://www1.putlocker.digital/ putlockers-hd.net putlockers.mn
https://putlockers.cat/ putlockers-hd.stream putlockers.net
https://putlockerhd.ca/movies putlockers-is.com putlockers.plus
https://putlockers.su/ putlockers-movie.ws putlockers.pm
https://ww1.putlocker.style/ putlockers-plus.com putlockers.pro
https://ww1.putlocker.style/ putlockers-today.com putlockers.sc
https://putlockerfree24.zone/ putlockers-tv.com putlockers.sexy
https://www2.onlinefree.live/ putlockers.am putlockers.sh
https://ww1.putlocker.style/ putlockers.blog putlockers.tf
https://www1.putlocker.digital/ putlockers.bz putlockers.tv
https://putlockeroriginal.com/ putlockers.ca putlockers.tw
https://putlockerfree24.zone/ putlockers.cafe putlockers.ws
https://123movies-putlockers.com/ putlockers.cm putlockers0.com
https://putlocker9.ru/ putlockers.cz putlockers2.com
Putlockers.net putlockers.fm putlockers2.win
Putlockerr.is putlockers.gs putlockers4free.com
Putlockers.fm putlockers.gy putlockers4u.com
Putlockerz.io putlockers.id putlockers4u.net
123putlocker.com putlocker-9.site putlockers555.com
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Putlockers.sc putlocker-movies.co putlockers9.ws
Putlockerfree.net putlocker-movies7.me putlockers99.com
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Putlockers.tf putlocker.ac putlockersexy.xyz
Putlocker9.as putlocker.actor putlockersfm.com
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US Proxy putlocker.blog putlockerss.com
Putlockertv.to putlocker.cafe putlockerss.fun
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Unblockall.org putlocker.com.de putlockerss.vip
Putlockertv.to putlocker.digital putlockerstoday.com
Putlockers.mn putlocker.direct putlockerstoworld2.com
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Putlockersfm.com putlocker.fm putlockerstv.biz
Putlockersonline.co putlocker.fyi putlockerstv.com
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putlockerfit.net putlocker.sk putlockervip.biz
putlockerfree.com putlocker.style putlockerworld.com
putlockerx.stream putlockerz.io putlockerz.net

Which New Putlockers Sites To Watch Or Download Movies For Free?

  • SnagFilms
  • SnagFilms probably has the most authentic collection of the old gold movies. It may not have as much latest content as Putlocker movies but it surely has the quality content which you will definitely love to watch.  The filters on its homepage are just like Putlockers website. It has so many genres like action, comedy, thriller, romance, sci-fi, etc. to choose from. Once you choose your genre or category of interest, the putlocker like website itself will send you suggestions to watch from. 

  • GoMovies
  • You can definitely replace Putlockers with GoMovies, if you are looking for quality content. This is one of those websites that promise to bring the latest to you. From latest releases of the movies to the latest TV shows, this Putlocker like site aces in providing it all to you.  Its interface is clean which lets you explore all of it easily. The genres might be a bit less than Putlocker but you will not be disappointed. The collection here is ginormous and there are many users who love this website. This means it is as reliable as Putlockers. 

  • FMovies
  • If something as good as or even better than Putlockers exist in the world of free movie streaming then it is FMovies for sure. It has been serving its users with the best of content for so long. It has all the genres explicitly available exclusively for the movie buffs. Action, thriller, animated, fantasy, comedy, horror, sci-fi, romance, horror, you name it, the website has it. It can definitely replace Putlocker in your list. The quality of the videos is amazing. 

  • LOS Movies
  • You can choose to watch movies or TV shows on your mobile or PC by accessing this site which is similar to Putlocker website. However, there is a downside of LOS Movies where you will encounter many ads.  The homepage of this website is beautiful and intuitively designed so that the users can quickly access the movies or TV shows of their choice. Some of its filters are similar to putlockers site like Trending, Latest, Genres, Actors, etc. 

  • Popcornflix
  • Choose to watch the latest or the oldest of the movies while munching on to your favorite snack on Popcornflix. It is just like the Putlocker site from where you can select any genre out of the many.  This indeed is a trustable website where you can adjust the quality of video streaming of the desired movie or TV show. Another good thing about this Putlocker like website is that it updates its content on a regular basis, allowing you to watch endlessly!  

  • YIFY Movies
  • It is one of those sites that you can use instead of Putlocker to download free movies in amazing video quality. You can also choose to online stream the TV show or movie of your choice. YIFY Movies is one place that is rich in providing features and its genre list is as good as the Putlocker site. The video quality is adjustable and the best thing about using this website is that there are almost no ads. This means you get uninterrupted entertainment. 

  • Rainierland
  • This is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker movies. Its interface is very organized so that you don’t have to look for places to find the best fit movie or TV show as per your mood.  The quality in which you can stream videos is fantastic and there is no compromise on the amount of content you can get on this website like Putlocker movies. There are multiple genres and filters that help you to grab just what you want. 

  • PrimeWire
  • PrimeWire is the most experienced website that can definitely replace Putlockers to download free movies for you. The appearance of this movie streaming site is a bit unappreciative but it is not something you are looking forward to. Right? There is a hidden sea of movies and TV shows that you can watch on this amazing website like Putlocker for free of cost. The movies can be streamed in fantastic video quality thT you can adjust as per your requirement. 

    Winding up

    All of the websites listed above are completely reliable and in good working condition. You can anytime check them as well as compare them with the Putlockers site. Almost all of these websites run effortlessly and aim to provide the best of quality to you.  But here’s a piece of advice: use an adblocker and a VPN if you wish to have a smooth binge watching experience on these sites like putlockers.